Respen-A™ is currently only available as a compounded prescription medication from the following pharmacies:

Pure Compounding Pharmacy
603 East Diehl Rd, #131
Naperville, IL 60563

Hopewell Pharmacy
1 West Broad Street
Hopewell, NJ 08525

Wellness Pharmacy
3401 Independence Drive, Ste 231
Birmingham, AL 35209
Toll Free 1-800-227-2627




Respen-A™ Information for Physicians

Having developed Respen-A™, which hundreds of children have used successfully, MedDEV-OTC Inc. is launching a grassroots crowdfunding campaign, commmencing January 15, 2018, to raise the necessary funds to have Respen-A™ manufactured and marketed as an over the counter treatment that is easily accessible to millions of children and families suffering the effects of autism. But for now, Respen-A™ requires a prescription. Any doctor with prescription authority can prescribe Respen-A™.

Respen-A™ is only available with prescription from three compounding pharmacies that serve most states. Wellness Pharmacy and Hopewell Pharmacy are currently the only pharmaceutical providers of Respen-A™ and all pharmacies can ship it to you directly upon receipt of a prescription from your doctor. Hopewell Pharmacy and Wellness Pharmacy ship to all prescriptions outside of the US.

Wellness Pharmacy Birmingham, AL
Hopewell Pharmacy Hopewell, NJ
Pure Compounding Pharmacy Naperville, IL

Click here to see the list of states served by Hopewell Pharmacy, and Wellness Pharmacy.

Click here for a sample prescription form. NOTE: 2000 mg of elemental calcium must be taken once a day with breakfast when taking Respen-A™.

Respen-A™ retails for $82.00 for a 28-day supply. Shipping is additional, and varies dependent upon location and priority of shipping requested. Respen-A™ requires a calcium supplement, not included in the prescription price. Address shipping questions to Hopewell Pharmacy, Toll Free: 1-800-792-6670, Wellness Pharmacy, Toll Free: 1-800-227-2627, or Pure Compounding Pharmacy, Toll Free: 1-877-976-7873.

Insurance coverage: If your insurance covers compounded prescriptions, Respen-A™ may qualify for coverage. 

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