Respen-A™ Video Testimonial Series

Testimonial from Angie

"On the original Respen-A, Keagan showed steady progress in his ability to communicate and his social skills. He would engage in play with his class mates and family. He is able to control his mood and outbursts very well. When switching to the new Respen-A, I noticed a slight change in each of his abilities. It’s like it fine tuned the progress he already gained. He seems more interested in things happening around him and asks a lot more questions about things he doesn’t understand or know. His speech has changed slightly, in the respect of him trying harder to communicate and trying many new words he never used before. He is much happier and seems to laugh and play more with the new Respen-A. The best way to describe the difference I noticed in the two formulas, is there wasn’t a huge definite change, like I noticed in all the previous versions, but it improved on and fine tuned the changes and progress already obtained. I definitely like this new version and plan on continuing use.”

Testimonial from Shelley and Kevin Lutz

The following is a summary of updates from a parent whose 8-year old son, Kevin, had been using the Respen-A Blended Chord for several months prior to switching to the new Respen-A disc. The parent reported seeing improvements in her son with the Respen-A Blended Chord but much greater gains have been seen with the new Respen-A disc.

  • Increased patience even at Christmas time with a lot of people around. Everyone present commented on how good he was. He carried on a conversation with those present and even initiated conversation by asking questions. This was new for him especially with several people being in the room. He actually had fun this year opening presents. In the past, Christmas has been too much commotion for him to deal with.
  • He is now playing with his toys for extended periods of time whereas before he would only play for a few minutes and then lose interest. He also is asking for others to join him in play which is something new.
  • His vocabulary has greatly increased and he is using longer sentences.
  • He was able to sit still while getting his haircut.
  • He is being very helpful—folding clothes, washing dishes.
  • His teachers at school who were not aware of the change from the Respen-A Blended Chord to the new Respen-A disc, have remarked that he is doing very well in school. He is standing in line quietly, talking more and asking the teachers questions. He is being very helpful in the classroom such as passing papers out to the other students when asked. He is playing with other children at recess and patiently waits his turn such as when playing jump rope.

  • Interestingly, after only one day of not wearing the new Respen-A disc due to delayed shipment of the next month’s supply, he threw his calendar outside into the snow because he was upset. After two more days the disc arrived, and he again had a great day at school which has been maintained while using the new Respen-A disc. He is now receiving “Excellent” on his daily reports from school. After resuming the new Respen-A disc, his mother asked if he remembered throwing his calendar outside into the snow, and if so, why did he do it. He replied that he threw it to get someone’s attention because he was hungry but he couldn’t use any words. With the Respen-A disc on he can verbally communicate.

    Following are the actual emailed updates from Kevin’s parents, who have given MedDEV permission to publish these emails. The emails are listed from earliest to most recent to portray the timeline of these improvements.

    Date: December 19, 2012

  • Kevin Lutz is trying the new Respen-A patch 12c-12c.
  • Kevin is describing new things. He laughed because his sister was peeking around the corner. He is saying new words.
  • He is reminded his dad to eat breakfast.
  • He reminds mom to take off the patch at nighttime.
  • He just gave his dad some water in a glass. He has never done that before!
  • He has been alot more quiet and calm. Before he was loud.
  • He answers our questions right away. That is new!
  • He listens better!
  • His answers are very clear. Before he was quiet when he answered us.
  • He has been laughing alot more. He seems very happy!
  • We asked Kevin if he liked the new patch. He said “I like the new patch instead of the other patch.”
  • He asked us to turn the channel instead of just turning the TV off.
  • Kevin moves his hands a little bit more with this patch than with the other patch. For example, when he sits down, he moves his hands in the air, just for a little bit.
  • He is saying alot more words with this patch. He is talking a lot.
  • Date: December 21, 2012

  • Kevin is still quiet and calm. He is becoming a very good listener. He is doing so well with this new patch!
  • The teachers said he did all his work very quickly and did a great job. He gets graded everyday at school. He received an “E” for excellent all week. The teachers said “Good job Kevin!” They were all very proud of him!
  • They had a Christmas program at school. Kevin sang and danced during the practice program. He laughed and had a great time. First time ever! Everyone at school said he did a great job.
  • He is using more words and asking alot more questions than he was before. He is remembering more words all the time.
  • He sat and watched the movie “Santa is Coming to Town” for an hour. He has never sat and watched TV for that long. Previously he might watch for only five minutes or so.
  • We went and looked at Christmas lights last night. Kevin said the lights were very pretty. When we got back home, Kevin asked “Mom did you like the pretty lights we saw?” I said they were very pretty. This was the first time he has asked about the Christmas lights. He said he had fun looking at the Christmas lights. He also said “Thanks for driving us around to look at the Christmas lights.” These are new words! He sits and looks at the tree for a long time. This is the first time ever! Kevin says he likes the tree. These are new words! He is really interested in Christmas this year! He counts on the calendar, knows what day it is and what is happening that day. Something new. Previously he did not know.
  • Today Kevin told his teachers “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and no homework, right?” First time ever!
  • Date: December 29, 2012
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Kevin has shown alot more patience with people at Christmas time. Everyone said he was so good. He talked to them and he would ask them questions. They were surprised that he was so quiet. That is new, especially around a large group of people.
  • He has been speaking many more words, with longer sentences. For example: he said “It is snowing outside, and it is very cold too.”
  • He had fun opening presents this year at Christmas time. That is new. Usually Christmas is just too much for him to deal with, too many people and too much noise, but he just had fun this year. He played all the next day with his new racetrack and four cars. That is something new. Previously, he would play for a little while, and then he was finished. A big change! In fact, he had such a good time that he was asking everyone if they would play with the racetrack too. Something new!
  • Kevin told his dad where we went in town. He said we went to Michaels, then we went to Fred Meyers for some food, then we went to a pizza place and brought home pizza for everyone. That is new! He doesn't usually tell his dad much. So he has talked alot more to his dad, and that is great!
  • Kevin sat quietly while I cut his hair! He was so still! He was really good! Usually he doesn't sit very long, and he moves the whole time you are cutting his hair. His haircut looks good. Kevin even said his haircut looks really good! He also said “Thanks Mom!” He is showing much more patience than before.
  • Date: January 15, 2013

  • Kevin did not have his disc on for 3 days. The first day he threw his calendar outside in the snow. The second and third days he had “okay” days at school. We received the disc order on Wednesday. Once the disc was on, he had a great day at school. He was very helpful: he passed the papers out to all the kids in the classroom, he stood in line to wait for a turn to play jump rope, and he played really well at recess. He was also helpful at home: he folded clothes, he washed dishes, and he washed the counters.
  • Kevin had an IEP at school on Thursday. The teachers said that Kevin was doing an excellent job at school around his classmates. He was very helpful, he stood in line really well, he was talking more to the teachers and he was also asking alot more questions.
  • Kevin met all his goals. All the teachers said he was moving forward and doing a great job. Mom is so proud of Kevin! He is doing a great job!
  • Date: January 18, 2013

  • Kevin was asking to go to the animals in town, so we went to see the rabbits and fish in town since he asked very nicely. Good job Kevin!
  • He is using more words all the time in longer sentences.
  • We had a birthday party for his Aunt Sandy. We all played card games. Kevin waited very patiently for his turn. He was so good and helpful. He cleared the dishes off of the table with his cousin. That is new. He even said “Happy Birthday” to Aunt Sandy - that is something new. We all had a good day. Kevin helped make homemade ice cream with his cousins - that is something new. Birthday parties get a little loud, and it did not bother him, which it usually would - something new.
  • On Monday, Kevin said his sister and he had a lot of homework to do that day. That is something new.
  • Each week Kevin gets a report on how he does every day at school. He got an “E” for excellent. He also received a paper apple with alot of stickers on it. This was recognition for all the work he did at school, just like the other kids in the classroom. He did more than they expected him to do. GREAT JOB KEVIN! The teachers are very proud of Kevin. Kevin is moving forward and doing a good job!
  • He is asking questions like “How are you today?” He also says “hello” to everyone in the classroom. Something new!
  • He is saying alot more words, he is asking alot more questions, and he would like to have answers to the questions he just asked. Good job Kevin!
  • He is doing really well! This is neat!
  • Date: October 7, 2013

    "Kevin is doing very good at school this year. He walks to class all on his own. He has been doing all of his work and homework on his own with no help from us or his teachers.

    We went on vacation in June to see my brother and their little baby girl. We haven’t been on vacation in 6 years because Kevin just would not go anywhere. Since he has been on Respen-A, we were able to go and Kevin had a blast. We went to the ocean and played in the water. We went to the zoo and we all had a great time. Kevin was so good everywhere we went. We all had a great time and Kevin asks every day if we can go back to the ocean.”

    Date: June 17, 2014

    We drove to Gilroy and stayed there for the night. I told Kevin it was going to be a long drive just like last year. He was fine with the drive. Then we drove to Disneyland the next morning. He was excited to see where we were going to stay. We went to Disneyland that night to see what was happening there. He was so good there. He would tell you what he wanted to eat and where he wanted to go. He liked the hotel, asked to go swimming. There was a lot of kids around and it didn't seem to bother him.

    That was good news. He was just great there. He was telling everyone that he was Happy, and he had a great time.

    The next day at Disneyland we started with splash mountain, he had a great time getting wet, he was right in front . We went on that ride 4 times, he tried Indiana jones and waited in line for 45 minutes and he was fine. He had alot more patients. We rode on 29 rides in two days. He like a train ride, the big thunder railroad. We went on that ride 4 times. He stood in line for 1 hour to ride lighten mc queen, A car race. He had a blast and he said he wants to go back. Wow this is just amazing for Kevin. Kevin has changed for the better since he has been on Respen -A 0.25 - 12C. It has really helped him so much with life in general for Kevin being on Respen - A. He communicates him everyone around him, not just Mom. He listens , and has so much more patients.

    He can be around alot of people and kids , and nothing seems to bother him, like before. He talks to people, kids and they talk back to him. Something new. He tells everyone that kevin is just happy. This is great. He is improving everyday.

    We are still on a 1/4 of the disc of Respen A , 0.25- 12C. He is doing fine so far. The first two days at Disneyland, I forgot to put on the disc. He was so good. So the next day , kevin asked to have his disc on. So I put the 1/4 of the disc on.

    Since we have been home, kevin talks alot about Disneyland and he met Mickey Mouse , pooh bear and pluto. We got our picture taken with pluto, kevin thought that was neat.

    Then we drove to Huntington Beach, and we played in the ocean, he had a blast.

    Kevin told everyone that he wanted to stay in Gilroy at the same hotel. So we did and he told everyone that he wanted to go swimming, so we did.

    We all had a great family vacation.

    This is nice to be able to go places and have fun.

    My family says, Thank you Elaine.

    We also went to Santa Cruz and played on the beach, with alot of people and noise and It didn't bother Kevin. This is good. We all just had fun. Kevin is happy and he smiles a lot. This is nice. Respen-A has helped him alot.

    Kevin helped pack is own bags to the hotel and to the car, he was very helpful, something new. Kevin made honor roll again, at school . He was really good through the whole year of school. He talked and communicated really good. He teachers were really happy with him, and he did his work and was patient and he played really good with other kids and he would asked them if he could play a game , that they were doing. The kids liked him. So they would include him. Something new.

    Testimonial from Paulette

    Just a quick update on Sam and the Respen-A™.  The changes, at first, were so subtle and very slow but now they are kind of piling on top of each other and becoming more obvious.  Sam now tells us if he wants a "dot" or not. It seems like on the days he wears it, he may have a rougher day, but the next day he has a really great day. We have gone as long as 4 days without it.  Partly to see if there was any regression and partly to make sure his BM were regular.  We are getting much better at dosing the magnesium.  

    His language is really coming in and he's starting to do things that he should have done as a toddler, like pretend play, it's like he's going back and doing some developmentally appropriate things. He is so much more aware of his surroundings and the people in it. He's commenting on the weather and paying attention to when the dog needs to come in and go out.  His memory has improved quite a bit too. And on the days we do not use the dot, he seems to retain all his gains. Just wanted to keep you up to date on our case. --Paulette

    Testimonial from Lara

    "We took Jack to the pediatrician when he was around 18 months old, and when they discovered he was only saying one word (mama), they decided to refer him to a developmental pediatrician and a speech therapist. The new pediatrician wanted to be cautious and recommended ABA for Jack. Tricare paid for him to have ABA 5 days a week, speech one day a week (45 minutes), and then occupational therapy one day a week (after speech recommended it).

    We also started the GFCF diet and noticed some improvement, though we only stuck with it for two months. Around that time, I made an appointment with Dr. Kurt Woeller. He prescribed multiple supplements, Diflucan, and Methyl b-12 shots. We noticed significant improvements with these. When he posted information about Respen A, we immediately got some and have been taking it ever since.

    From the time we met Dr. Woeller until now, Jack has gone from mute, lacking engagement, and screaming every minute to not being on the spectrum. We noticed continual improvement, but Respen A gave him the final push. He started to concentrate better at school and was able and eager to write. He now draws about 20 pictures a day and will sit and focus for extended periods. He is in a regular preschool class. Though he still tends to be a loner, he has several friends, and the teachers love him."

    Testimonial from Marcia

    Matthew is a 7-year-old boy with autism. Every three weeks a therapist at the school works with him to try and get him to communicate using a computer but all efforts have been unsuccessful until 3 weeks after starting Respen-A. Below are two transcripts from his teacher. The first one was 3 weeks after being on Respen-A and the second transcript was done 6 weeks after being on Respen-A.

    CAN YOU BE SMART IF YOU CAN’T TALK -- by Matthew – Feb. 2010

    This correspondence was typed between a 7-year old low functioning Autistic child and his Teacher after 3 weeks of being on Respen - A. He had not been able to respond before.

    Mathew (In Black) Teacher (in Red) FC w/Lisa 2/12/10

    Hi Matthew, I would love it you would type your name with me

    Great job, let’s try to type some more!
    Twinkle twinkle little (I wanted Matthew to just type the next word “star”) He had his own ideas!!

    Yes, you can be VERY smart even if you can’t talk!! Some people can’t hear and they are very smart. Some people can’t see and they are very smart. Not talking has nothing to do with being smart. (I also explained that after each word you can put a space to show your word is done. He picked it right up!!)
    Veryyhaappyvvery nnic too tell you I aam smart

    I know you are smart. Mom will be so happy to see this, do you want to type to her?
    Yes ggive herr tthhis tto read very happy to tell hheer I llovee heer

    That is a nice note to mom, she will love it, do you want to say anything else before you go?
    Vvvery hhaapppyggreaat too be ffreee from mmy body bbbleess be ggodd

    This next session is after being on Respen -A for 6 weeks Matthew FC w/Lisa 3/04/10

    Hi Matthew!
    Get the fun typing

    Are you telling me that typing is fun?
    Would you like to type to Mom or Dad or Andrew?

    He tries ttio get me mad but I just happy
    He very funny

    Who is he?
    Mathew verbally said
    “Andrew Andrew” (This is the first time he has ever said his brother’s name.)
    Zzvery happy to type to Andrew he willl be very happy

    What would you like to type to Andrew?
    Get him the nice very big tv

    I bet he would like that! (Spontaneous he typed back)
    teach mom how to do this

    You would like mom to learn how to type?
    Yess then then her typ e to me at homde

    Would you like to type more or are you done?
    Type mmore very happy
    Better to get great great vuyse by typing better than bnot talking