Dr. Woeller's Video Series on Respen-A

Kurt Woeller, DO, has treated autism patients in the greater San Diego area for 12 years. In the past year, he has prescribed Respen-A for many patients, and has created a series of videos to answer questions and address issues. We hope you find these videos useful.

Video #1 Respen-A: Therapy used in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Video #2 Respen-A Education: "Giving back to the Autism community"
Video #3 Dosing Amounts of Reserpine (the active ingredient in Respen-A)
Video #4 MAO-A activity and benefits
Video #5 Respen-A Prescription and Pharmacies
Video #6 Reserpine and Cancer Link Clarification
Video #7 Importance of Calcium Supplementation with Respen-A
Video #8 Calcium Carbonate vs Calcium Citrate
Video #9 Supplement Avoidance Recommendation with Respen-A
Video #10 Update on the New Respen- A Disc

Should you wish to contact Dr. Woeller directly, you may contact him at 951-461-4800.  His clinic's website is: